Proper nutrition does not equal misery;

you are not going on a "diet". 



"Why Eating More Can Help You Lose Fat"

**This article is more technical, but may be helpful to those stuck with the mindset of "eat less - do more".  The following are the key points discussed in this article:

  • TDEE is influenced by basal metabolic rate and activity, but also metabolism of food

  • “TEF” or the Thermic Effect of Food describes the net loss of energy during the digestion and assimilation of nutrients.  It normally contributes makes up about 10% of your TDEE.

  • Protein has the greatest TEF and fat has the lowest TEF.  Carbs are in the middle.

  • By eating carbohydrates after training, the TEF goes up drastically and more of the energy is lost as heat

  • Eating larger meals less frequently contributes to a slightly greater thermic effect

  • Caffeine and Yohimbine can help lean people increase thermogenesis and burn more fat.  



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"Paleo 3.0"

**This is a great article for understanding the evolution of Paleo; especially for those that have attempted eating strict Paleo and felt like it didn't work for them.**


Things to Remember:







*You do not need to count every macro or calorie you eat.  Estimating is usually adequate.


*If your performanceat the suffers of you just feel you're lacking energy, re-visit your macro/calorie needs.  Make sure you are eating enough!


*Eat for fun once in a while.