Primal Mountain Nutrition Challenge

February 4 - March 18

Based on the Eat To Perform methods.

3 Key Principles


1. Performance drives fat loss!

2. Fuel your training appropriately!

3.  Refine your body over time!

Objectives:  The goals of this challenge will differ from person to person.  Ultimately, we want to be the best we can be.  For the purpose of this challenge, your goal will be one of the following:


*Fat Loss - For those wanting to decrease their percentage of body fat.  


Lean Mass Gains - If you want to keep acquire more muscle, you will be in this category.  Keep in mind, you will likely gain weight here.


Body Recomposition - This group will be those that are content with the number on the scale and with the way they look, but hey, there's always room for improvment! Recomposition means maintaining current body weight but trading fat for muscle.

Format: 2 Stages


Stage 1 will last one week, it will be very simple.It will mostly be a time to become aware of your eating, sleeping and exercise habits.  You will recognize what, when and how much you eat. A food log for the first few days is encouraged, as it will be very helpful, but it's not required.


Stage 2 will last the remaining 5 weeks, it will require a little more effort.  You will be loosely counting your macros and aiming to eat around your workouts. Participants may choose to remain in Stage 1 if they feel they are progressing well enough or are too overwhelmed to move on.



You will begin each week with a certain number of points.  Points cannot be gained, they will only be lost and they cannot be reacquired.  You want to do your best to keep them!


The purpose of the point system is to help you be accountable and stay motivated, not to determine a winner.  Points will be posted on the board at the gym each week.  This helps you be accountable for yourself and it will also give others a chance to help motivate you if they see you've missed some points.

How to Participate (PRE-CHALLENGE):  

(The following must be done by 7:30pm Wednesday, February 4 to get the points.)


*Take "before" pictures. (1 pt.) 

(These are only for you.  You don't have to show them to anyone else.)


*Weigh yourself. (1 pt.)


*Measure body fat. (optional - no points for this)


*Take measurements of: (1 pt.)



-each thigh

-each upper arm        

-chest (optional)

-measure body fat (optional)


If you haven't done the following in the past month, do these (you will use these as a gauge for progress): (1 pt.)


-Bench Press        

-Shoulder Press

-Back Squat (have trainer watch to ensure full range of motion)



*Figure your macros. (click here for calculator) (1 pt.)


*Declare your intent to participate.  Write your name on the board at the gym. (1 pt.)


(All of these things must be done by 7:30pm Wednesday, February 4 in order to get the points.  You can join this challenge after this date and time, but you will be 6 points behind.  We're using the honor system; don't keep the points if didn't earn them.)

Stages and Points


Stage 1 (week 1) - 18 pts.


*7 hours sleep each night.  1 pt. per night


*4 workouts per week, on 4 different days. 1 pt. per WoD per day.  (If you work out more than 4 times, good for you, but you don't get extra points.)


*Eat protein and some fat at each meal.  Aim to consume your carbs around your workouts. 1 pt. per day.  (These will be really easy points to keep.  It's part of becoming aware of your habits.  Hopefully you're trying to make better choices, too.)



Stage 2 (weeks 2-6) - 36 pts./week


*7 hours sleep each night 1 pt. per night


*4 workouts per week, on 4 different days. 1 pt. per WoD per day.  (If you work out more than 4 times, good for you, but you don't get extra points.)


*[Loosely] count your macros. 1pt. per macro per day; 3pts. per day 

(Pay attention to what you're eating.   Don't over do it and don't under do it.  Remember, you may need to work up to or work down to your macro requirements gradually.  Don't make yourself sick.)  


*Fuel your WoDs 4 pts per week; 1 pt. per workout. (Consume most of your carbs around your workout.  This is individualized.  Find what works for you.)

Helps and Support:


Here are some suggestions for helping you to stick with it:


*Pick a buddy.  Choose someone who will check on you to make sure you're staying on track.  This should be someone you are fairly comfortable with but should probably NOT be your spouse or best friend.  


*FaceBook Group.  Post your concerns and struggles here.  There will be a community of people to offer encouragement.  Remember to also post your successes.


*Write down your goals.  You are much more likley to be succussful if you've things down, especially if you put those goals where you'll see them on a regular basis.


*Become informed.  Read articles and do your own research.  Understanding the process often makes the goals easier to accomplish.

*Challenge starts at bedtime on Wednesday, February 4.  Make sure you get to bed early enough to get 7 hours of sleep.  


*Update your points on the board at the gym each THURSDAY.  Be honest.  Don't keep points you know you lost.


*Challenge ends Wednesday, March 18 at bedtime.


*After March 18, do the following:

-take "after" pictures

-weigh yourself

-retake the same measurements you took pre-challenge

-test your strength (deadlift, bench press, shoulder press, back squat)



Note:  Hopefully you'll see some increases in your strength and met-cons and some changes in your body by the end of the challenge. But keep in mind, losing fat, recomposing one's body and gaining lean mass are processes that take a long time.  It's a journey, not a destination.  Stay with it!