Monday- June 5th

Weekly Group Warmup

PVC pass-throughs x 10

Good mornings w/PVC x 10

:30 jumprope (doubles or singles)

High skips

Floor touches

:30 jumprope

Walking quad pulls

Samson lunges

:30 jumprope

3 touches (in a standing straddle, touch the ground 3 times- starting with in front of you, directly beneath you, and then try to reach behind you)

Huggers + Skiers x 10 each (arm swings horizontal + vertical)

1 min. mobilize sore/tight areas

Strength/Accessory Work: (pick one)

General Fitness

3 Rounds of:

1- Bat Wings x 6 (hold 5 sec. at top)

2- Dumbbell Death March x 20 steps (

3- Handstand hold on wall x 60 sec. (or hold top of push-up)

rest 60 seconds between sets


High Hang Snatch 4x 2 @50-65%

Hang Snatch 4x 1 @65-80%

Snatch 4x 1 @80+%

rest 60 seconds between sets


Every 6 min. for 18 min. (3 sets)

Row 500m

30 KB Swings

15 HSPU (or L-seated DB press)

Group Cool-down

Foam roll

Stretch and hold for 60 seconds each: hips, quads, abs


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