Tuesday- June 20th

Weekly Group Warmup

Strength/Accessory Work: (pick one)

General Fitness

3 Rounds of:

Goat Bag Swings x 8 reps

Push-ups x 10 (slow +controlled)

DB Thrusters x 8 reps

rest 45 seconds between movements


5 sets of:

SNATCH x 1. 1. 1 (rest 5-7 sec. between singles)

rest 2 minutes

Suggested loads: 50%, 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%


4 Rounds for Time:

10 T2B

20 Box Overs

*Step or jump on the box then go off the opposite side.

*You may also jump over the box.

*Both feet must go over or touch the top of the box.

*Your chest must touch the floor, not just yo

ur hips for the burpee to count.


Foam Roll

Stretch and hold for 60 seconds each: hips, quads, abs


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