Thursday- October 19th

*Weekly Warm-Up: 10 min. Cap

A. (EVERYONE) Three sets of: *Dumbbell Death March x 20 steps @ 2011 Rest 45 seconds Tempo Push-Ups x 10-15 reps @ 2111 Rest 45 seconds *Russian Step-Ups x 10 reps per leg Rest 45 seconds *Plank from Elbows x 45 seconds Rest 45 seconds

B. For time:

Run 800 Meters

Row 1000 Meters

Run 800 Meters

C. Cool-Down:

2 Rounds NFT (NOT FOR TIME):

*SLOW 100m jog

*Hip Opener Leg Swings x 10 each way

*Inchworm x5

Stretch/Roll out for 60 seconds each




*(Optional) Additional Strength Cycle: (To be peformed before A. or after C.)

Five sets of: Deadlift x 3-5 reps Rest 20 seconds Tempo Ring Dips x Max Reps @ 2111 (stick to the tempo – 2 second descent, pause for 1 second, back up to the top, then pause for a second before starting the next rep) Rest 2-3 minutes

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