Friday- November 3rd

*Weekly Warm-Up: 10 min. Cap

A. (EVERYONE) Three sets of: *Snatch- Grip Behind the Neck Press x 8 reps @ 2111 Rest 60 seconds *Death March x 20 steps @ 2011 Rest 60 seconds *100-Meter Suitcase Carry + Waiter’s Carry (hold a heavy DB or KB at side in suitcase carry, and a lighter DB/KB overhead in waiter’s carry; switch arms at 50-meters) Rest 60 seconds

B. For time:

In teams of two, partners alternate to complete 5 rounds each of: 20 Kettlebell Swings (50/35 lb- Masters 45/30 lb) 10 Ring Dips

- or rest 1:1 if no partner

C. Cool-Down:

3 Rounds NFT (NOT FOR TIME):

*Side Shuffle

*Floor Touches

Stretch/Roll out for 60 seconds each




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