Saturday- November 4th

Group Warm-up: 10 min. cap

Lumberjacks and Farmers: Divide your athletes into 2 teams. One team is the lumber jacks and the other team is the farmers. Set out cones, half sitting up and half laying down. On "3,2,1 go" the farmers run around sitting up the cones and the lumber jacks knock them down. If all of the cones are either sitting up or all knocked over, then the losing team gets a 5 burpees penalty. Don’t let people guard areas or cones. This can be done with tabata style timing.


Three Sets for Max Reps of: *60 Seconds of Rowing (for Cals) Rest 60 seconds *60 Seconds of Thrusters (95/65 lbs) Rest 60 seconds *60 Seconds of Toes to Bar Rest 60 seconds *60 Seconds of Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″) Rest 2 minutes

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