Monday - November 20

weekly warm-up

*High Knees

*Toe Touches

*Burpee Broad Jumps

*10 Samson Lunges

*10 Hollow Rocks

*5-10 Chin-Ups

*lunge with elbow drop


15 min. AMRAP

*50 DUs (100 SUs)

*40 KB swings 50/35 M45/30

*30 sit-ups

*20 goblet squats 50/35 M45/30

*10 deadlifts 155/115 M135/95

Click here for standards.


*Score cards will be at the gym.

*Movement standards will be on your card, make sure you understand everything before the clock starts. Ask questions if you have any!!

*Scores must be put in the cash box by 9am on Thursday.

*You many re-do this WoD as many times as you like and submit your best score.

*There will be no judges, judge yourself and be honest! Count your reps correctly.

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