Tuesday - November 28

A. (Optional. Do it if you think it will help you do better at part B., skip it if you think it will hinder you.)

2-3 rounds NFT

*7 squat jumps

*7 ring rows


*500m row


*You must set the counter to count backward from 500 to 0. Trainers need to verify this before you start.

*Your time may be eligible for the record board. Make sure the trainer sees your time on the rower for verification.

*Score cards will be at the gym.

*Movement standards will be on your card, make sure you understand everything before the clock starts. Ask questions if you have any!!

*Scores must be put in the cash box by 7pm on Thursday.

*You many re-do this WoD as many times as you like and submit your best score.

C. strength

*deadlift 3x3 – all sets at same weight

*20 second hollow hold btwn sets

*bench press 3-3-3-3 (increase wt. as able)

*20 second superman hold btwn sets

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