Monday - December 4

weekly warm-up

*butt kickers

*high knees

*10 PVC OHS *10 Push-Ups *10 Ring Rows

*Bear Crawl (straight leg)



8 rounds for time

*5 hang cleans 135/95 M115/75

*5 burpees over the bar


*Score cards will be at the gym.

*Movement standards will be on your card, make sure you understand everything before the clock starts. Ask questions if you have any!!

*Scores must be put in the cash box by 7pm on Thursday.

*You many re-do these WoDs as many times as you like and submit your best score.

*There will be no judges, judge yourself and be honest! Count your reps correctly.

B. (optional)

3 rounds NFT

*10 V-ups

*1/1 TGUs

*side planks, 30-45 seconds each side

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