Wednesday- February 7th

Weekly Warm-Up: 10 min. AMRAP

+ Today's Warm-up Movements:

*Iron Cross x 10

*Scorpion x 10

A. Clean Technique

10 min. EMOM:

Clean Deadlift + Clean Pull @ no more than 60% of max

B. “Power Hour”

50 Clean & Jerks* (135/95#)

*EMOM: 5 Toes-to-Bar

On the Clean & Jerk, we are looking for a moderate load where a single repetition is *always* there. In other words, let’s choose a weight that allows for 10+ repetitions unbroken, if we went for it. With that said, our goal for the workout today is to maintain consistent sets throughout the entire piece. On the Toes-to-Bar, we are looking for a number we can maintain each minute unbroken, on every round. That will preserve the stimulus, getting you back to barbell immediately. We want to make this a Clean & Jerk workout, challenged by Toes-to-Bar – not the other way around. (Substitute the T2B with MB Sit-ups, GHD's, etc to preserve this stimulus).

C. Mobility 5-10 minutes Shoulders, posterior... wherever you feel you need it!

**PF&P Nutrition Challenge 2018 begins February 12th!! If you could not attend the meeting and are still interested, or have further questions, please contact PF&P Nutrition coach, Richelle Hudson, at for more information!

The Peak Fitness & Performance Nutrition Challenge 2018 is guaranteed to teach you how to:

*eat healthy, balanced meals

*fuel and recover from your workouts

*prepare yummy new recipes

*eat more veggies, and

*burn body fat!!

We will be giving cash prizes to winners!

**Please get your automatic payments set up.

If you are doing PayPal, you should have received an email with a link. If you are doing ACH, please makes sure we have all your info (including a voided check). We have already charged for January, and we will charge for February on the 20th.

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