Tuesday- March 19th

Weekly Warm-Up

+ Today's Warm-up Movements:

*Seated Straddle Stretch x 1:00 each

A. Two sets of:

Perform 30 seconds on each side of the following movements…

*Station 1 – Banded Palloff Hold

*Station 2 – Single-Leg Glute Bridge Hold

*Station 3 – Side Plank Hold

*Station 4 – Dynamic Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps

Move through this with as little rest between movements as possible. It should take between 12-15 minutes in total.

B. “Four Score”

4 Rounds, On The 4:00:

18/14 Calorie Bike

15 Front Squats (95/65)

12 x Shuttle Sprints (10m)

*You have 4 minutes to complete the work. If you finish early, you get to rest. Start on the next round when the 4 minutes is up.

C. Buy-Out

Quad Smash x 2:00 each

Glute Smash x 1:00 each

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