Tuesday- July 2nd

Weekly Warm-Up

+ Today's Warm-up Movements:

*Couch Stretch x :30 each

*Front Squat (@32X1) warm up to A weight

A. Tempo Front Squat

3 x 2 @32X1 at about 80-85%

*Rest 2 minutes between sets

*3 second descent, 2 second pause at bottom (keep the tension!), explode up, 1 second at top, repeat

B. “Liquid Laugh”

5 Rounds:

1 Minute Front Rack Dumbbell Step Back Lunges (35’s/25’s)

1 Minute Double Unders

1 Minute Calorie Bike

1 Minute Rest

C. Buy-Out

Samson Stretch x 2:00 each

Calf Smash x 1:00 each

**8am class ONLY on Thursday, July 4th. We will be doing a "Hero WOD".

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