Monday- November 25th

Weekly Warm-Up: 10 min. AMRAP

250m row

Mobilize - Passthroughs

10 Good mornings w/PVC

10 Thrusters w/PVC

10 Wall squats

10 Light push press

30 Double-Unders (or attempts)

Quad Pulls x 20

3 Shoulder stretches w/band x :30 each

Today's Movement *5 air squats, 4 sit-ups, 3 push-ups, 2 pull-ups

We will do part A in two heats. Partner up with someone (who is not on your team) and count their reps for them and make sure they comply with the movement standards. Then, switch.

A. H.O. WOD #1


500 Meter row

40 Air Squats scaled: Squat to a bench

30 Sit-ups

20 Push-ups

10 Pull-ups scaled: Jumping Pull-Ups

*For this WOD, anyone age 50+ can count the scaled version of the WOD as RX.

*Please see all the movement standards below. Rx will be scored first, followed by scaled. If any of the movement standards are not met or the WOD is changed in any way, it will be considered modified and scored below scaled.

B. Back Squats Build to a single at 90%

Then, drop to 85% for a set of 1 x 5

C. Buy-Out

Quad Smash x 2:00 each

Foam Roll Pecs x 1:00 each

**Holiday Open WOD's are announced and done in classes on Monday's, but you have until Thursday night at 7pm to do it and submit your score. The WOD's are only to be done ONE time.


  • 500m Row

  • The rower must be set to count down from 500 meters

  • Air squats

  • Both feet on the ground

  • Ankles, hips and knees must all be in the same vertical plane in order to complete the movement

  • Hips must come below your knees

  • Scaled: Squat to a bench butt must touch the bench

  • Sit-ups

  • Shoulder blades must be on the ground to start the movement

  • To finish the movement the shoulders be in front of the hips

  • No scaled version

  • Push-ups

  • Chest and thighs must be on the ground to start the movement

  • The rep is complete when elbows are fully extended

  • Scaled: Knee push-ups

  • Same movement standards apply

  • Pull-ups

  • Arms are fully extended while hanging from the bar to start the rep (feet cannot be touching the ground)

  • Rep is complete when the chin breaks the horizontal plane of the bar

  • Scaled: Jumping pull-ups

  • To set up for jumping pull-ups, the person stands on a box and reaches their arm up vertically. When standing directly below the bar, the wrist should be at the same level as the bar. If the wrist is any higher than the bar, the movement will be considered modified and the athlete will be scored lower than the scaled version

  • Chin must still come above the horizontal plane of the bar

  • Any deviance from these standards will be considered modified and will be scored lower than scaled

- Score is your total time

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