Monday- December 2nd

Weekly Warm-Up: 10 min. AMRAP

Mobilize - Passthroughs

250m row/20 Shuttle Sprints

3 Wall Walks

10 Back Pedals

10 Squat Jumps

:30 Wall Sit

10 Push Ups

Samson Lunges

Three Touches x 5

Double Unders x 30

Today's Movement *Burgener Snatch Warm-Up

A. H.O. WOD #2

0 - 16:00

Build to a 1-rep max Snatch Scaled: Build to a 1- rep max Clean

16:00 - 21:00

Row for Max Meters

*Please read all standards and procedures below

*Perform this in two heats; partner up and judge someone not on your team

B. Buy-Out

Banded Lat Stretch x 2:00 each

Samson Stretch x 2:00 each

**Holiday Open WOD's are announced and done in classes on Monday's, but you have until Thursday night at 7pm to do it and submit your score. The WOD's are only to be done ONE time.


The WOD needs to be completed with a judge. The judge should check the weight on the bar and see that the lift meets the standards. The judge CAN set the rower up for the athlete, but can NOT put the weight on the bar.

The clock does not stop once started and there is no break in between the two parts. If your rower is not set up after the 16:00 is over, you will have to use some of your 5 minutes to do that. You do not get to add extra time onto the clock for that.

If you need more time to warm-up for your snatch, you can do that before the clock starts- but no weight lifted before the time starts will count.

There will be two scores for this workout: 1. snatch heaviest weight lifted, and 2. meters on the rower after the 5 minutes is up.

We encourage use of the 0.5 kg plates (1lb. each) to try to eliminate ties.


Snatch (Scaled: Clean):

  • Bar starts on the floor

  • Bar must have one continuous motion and finish overhead and a stable and upright position

  • (Clean: rest on shoulders with elbows in front of the bar, hips locked out at the top)

  • If any body part other than the feet touch the ground, the lift does not count

  • Hang lifts will be considered a modification and will be scored lower than the scaled version of the workout

  • Squats are allowed in both versions

  • Score is heaviest single weight

Row for max meters

  • The rower must be set to count down for 5 minutes

  • You must stop when the clock stops, even if you started late-

  • Score is total meters

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