Anjeanette leishman


BACKGROUND: Swimming, CrossFit, National-level Olympic Weightlifter

HOBBIES: Teaching violin, hiking, spending time with husband and family 

LOVES seeing others take ownership of their health and goals!

RECOMMENDS Peak Fitness because of the wonderful people! 

Landon Leishman


BACKGROUND: Level II weightlifting coach. 7 years cross-training coaching experience. 

HOBBIES: Hunting, camping, hiking

LOVES helping people realize that having a healthy and active lifestyle needs to be a lifelong pursuit, and coaching at national weightlifting meets! 

RECOMMENDS Peak Fitness as a place to develop relationships and work on your health

aj elwood


BACKGROUND: Worked in sports medicine for 10 years. Degrees in athletic training, sports psychology, and athletic training education. Completer of marathons and Half Ironman Triathlons. 

HOBBIES: Traveling, reading, photography

LOVES helping others see their potential and reach their goals

RECOMMENDS Peak Fitness because of the community of amazing people.

clint nicholes


BACKGROUND: Collegiate football and rugby. CrossFit. Olympic Lifting

HOBBIES: Hiking, kayaking, birding 

LOVES helping people get stronger so they can move better and feel better.

RECOMMENDS Peak Fitness because of the welcoming community of caring individuals. 

dylan leishman


BACKGROUND: Years of PeakFitness membership. Martial arts. Running. 

HOBBIES: Hunting, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, camping 

LOVES being able to encourage people to do things that will improve their lives. 

APPRECIATES being a member of PeakFitness because it allows him to be around like-minded people. 

jeremi broadhurst


BACKGROUND: Cross-training instructor for 10 years, degree in Physical Education. PE teacher. Youth sports coach 10+ years. 

HOBBIES: Mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing

LOVES watching people learn and improve and surprise even themselves.

RECOMMENDS Peak Fitness because of the people!  

kelly alder


BACKGROUND: High school and collegiate sports. CrossFit Level I certified. Coaching for 6 years.  

HOBBIES: Mountain biking, snowboarding, basketball, softball, pickleball, movie buff, coaching soccer

LOVES teaching! Helping those that want to improve their lives and become more self-confident develop a love for exercise. 

RECOMMENDS PeakFitness because it is a place where everyone and anyone is welcome. The unity is refreshing, yet the atmosphere is still competitive!  

keni althouse


BACKGROUND: soccer, softball, football, soccer, football, soccer, futsol, volleyball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, cross-training and flag football. 

HOBBIES: Landscape architecture, yard games, being outside, any good game of cards 

LOVES watching people improve, accomplish new movements, and see the surprise in their face when they think they couldn't do it. 

RECOMMENDS Peak Fitness because of the people! The members of the gym are what keep Keni coming back. 

Elizabeth baker 


BACKGROUND: Active with sports her entire life. Started cross-training 10 years ago  

HOBBIES: Basketball, pickleball, cycling, traveling, reading

LOVES seeing someone get past their fears and be amazed with what they are capable of doing. 

RECOMMENDS Peak Fitness because of the friendships that develop there! 

logan woodbury


BACKGROUND: Volleyball, track and field, golf, Olympic weightlifting

HOBBIES: Fly fishing, running, golf

LOVES helping others get better and enjoy the competitiveness of cross-training!

RECOMMENDS Peak Fitness as a place to get better everyday and to feel pride after finishing a hard workout. 

loren leishman


BACKGROUND: Wrestling and CrossFit

HOBBIES: Hunting, hiking, shooting 

LOVES teaching people how to use their fitness for their hobbies.


RECOMMENDS Peak Fitness as a good place to better yourself! 

thad hansen


BACKGROUND: Over 10 years weight room experience. Played sports entire life. Coaching for 3 years

HOBBIES: Playing sports, doing anything in the mountains, being a new dad 

LOVES seeing people improve and achieve their goals.

RECOMMENDS Peak Fitness because of all the friends and support that come with the community! 

trevon vanvalkenburg






whitney conger


BACKGROUND: Collegiate track & field and volleyball. Cross-training. Degree in Public Health. Certified GFI and CPT.  

HOBBIES: Mountain biking, swimming, reading, anything with dogs

LOVES helping people learn that fitness can be FUN! 

RECOMMENDS Peak Fitness as a good place to be supported and to be competitive. 

zach hubbard


BACKGROUND: Studying Physical Therapy at USU. Football and track & field experience

HOBBIES: Going out with friends, watching movies, and traveling to see new places. 

LOVES helping other people improve themselves. Watching people move better and stronger is priceless to Zach. 

RECOMMENDS Peak Fitness because of the programming that gets you moving and gets you results. Being active and having fun are two huge reasons Zach loves Peak Fitness!