Primal Mountain Trainers

Robert Leishman

Owner/Head Trainer


Rob is an outdoor enthusiast who believes that hard work and dedication can get you anywhere you want to go.  Growing up in an outfitter family, Rob has spent countless hours mountain climbing, tracking big game and serving as a hunting guide.


Seeing up-close and personal the effects of physical fitness versus lack of conditioning taught Rob the importance of a healthy lifestyle that includes stimulating exercise and good eating habits.  Physical fitness and good nutrition have always been a priority for Rob. 


As a Certified Level I CrossFit trainer, Rob’s great people skills along with his knowledge, training and experience with exercise and nutrition make him an ideal advocate for all Primal Mountain participants, from beginner to advanced athlete. 


Rob lives in Providence with his wife and 3 boys.

Tami Suisse

Owner/Head Trainer


Tami grew up in Smithfield, the oldest of four kids.  She attended Sky View High School where she swam on the Varsity swim team as a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior.  After high school, Tami attended nursing school at Weber State University.  


Tami has always been active and became a runner in the winter of 2006.  She began competing in 5K, 10K and half-marathon races and often placed in her age divisions.  She has also competed in a handful of triathlons. 


Tami was skeptical about Primal Mountain at first, thinking she wasn’t going to find any better type of fitness training than what she was already doing.  She was so wrong!  After three days she knew she’d be a regular at Primal.


Tami has a passion for physical fitness and wants to share that with others.  She loves to see those in her classes succeed and takes just as much pride in her athletes’ accomplishments as they do.


Tami lives in Providence with her husband, four kids, and the dog.




Jeremi grew up in Logan and developed a love for sports and the outdoors at a young age.  She played many sports in high school and into college.  When Jeremi is not working, she can often be found on a soccer field or basketball court with her two daughters.  In her free time Jeremi can be found up the canyon on her bike or hiking.


Primal Mountain has been a great place for Jeremi to learn new things and accomplish things she didn’t think were possible.  She loves the environment at Primal and her most favorite thing is that it feels like a big family.  As a trainer, Jeremi loves seeing others succeed and reach their goals.


 Jeremi has degree in Exercise Science and works as a PE teacher.  She lives in Logan with her girls.




Kelly grew up in Hyde Park playing basketball, softball, volleyball and, her favorite, soccer.  She played competitively in high school and college and now plays in some indoor leagues.  If Kelly’s summer passion is soccer, her winter passion is snowboarding.  She’d be at Beaver Mountain every day if she could.


 Kelly attended Bridgerland Applied Tech School and currently works at the CPD building in the Bio-medical Clinic as a medical assistant.  She loves it.


Kelly got sucked into the world of CrossFit, almost against her will, when she won a free month’s membership in a drawing.  Since it was a freebie, Kelly decided to give it a try and after the first week, she knew she’d never turn back. Kelly loves the challenge and balance Primal Mountain provides as well as the goals she now sets and reaches. 


As a coach, Kelly pushes her athletes to push themselves.  She reminds them to be proud of every improvement, no matter how small.  Kelly is a great motivator; she is good at yelling and making sure people don’t quit.  She will not let you quit!


Kelly lives in Providence with her husband and three kids.




Landon is a nephew to Rob and grew up in Paradise.  He loves hunting, fishing, dirt biking, snowboarding and pretty much any other outdoor activity.  Landon served an LDS mission to Ecuador and has been working out at Primal Mountain since his return a year and a half ago.

Landon has been coaching at Primal Mountain for the past year and he loves to see others excel and reach their fitness goals. 


One of the many things that make Landon a good trainer is his dedication to the sport.  He is also a very visual learner, he likes to watch how a movement is done and imitate it.  This helps him analyze and critique others.  Landon’s favorite things to do at the gym are Olympic lifting and metabolic conditioning workouts with varied movements.  His least favorite movement/activity associated with Primal Mountain is running.  He hates it! (But he’ll do it!) 


Landon works at Malouf Fine Linens and is currently attending USU but has yet to decide on a major.




Liz grew up on a ranch in Wyoming, the seventh of eight kids.  She spent her days chasing sheep and cows, riding horses and throwing hay bales.  In high school, Liz lettered in volleyball, basketball, and track.  Nowadays she spends her time chasing her five boys.


Liz was peer-pressured into trying CrossFit and was hooked from the beginning.  She loves that what she does at Primal Mountain makes her better at all the other activities she loves, like basketball, biking, and snowboarding.


As a trainer, one of Liz’s most favorite things is to hear someone say “thank you” after a workout that totally kicked their trash!


Liz lives in River Heights with her husband and boys.




Trevon grew up in Garland, Utah and loves backpacking, hunting, camping and the outdoors.  In high school, Trevon was involved in wrestling and even participated in MMA for a couple of years.  His strength and cardio made up for anything he may have lacked in experience.  Wrestling is huge reason why Trevon loves Primal Mountain.  He has learned to how to push his body and become stronger and faster. 


Trevon credits Primal Mountain with his nutritional improvement.  The atmosphere at Primal has helped Trevon have the desire and motivation to eat more healthy than he ever has.

Trevon is great with people, he is very positive and optimistic and loves seeing others succeed, especially in physical fitness. 


Trevon’s plans for the future are to just keep getting stronger and faster, little by little and he wants to compete at more CrossFit competitions.  He plans to go on more backpacking trips with his wife and he knows that through his training he’ll be able to hike farther and faster.







Collin moved to Cache Valley from St George, Utah in May of 2014. He has been CrossFitting for about 2 years. I


Collin works at Aquaworx outpatient physical therapy as a physical therapist assistant and is currently working on finishing his bachelors degree.  He hopes to become a physical therapist one day.


Collin loves mountain biking, hiking, and anything else that keeps him active.


Collin lives with his wife and two boys.