Click here to see WHY and HOW to use Wodify. Complete with instructions and illustrations! 


Wodify is the system Peak Fitness uses to collect membership fees, track attendance, and share workouts with you. It can also be used to track fitness progress, record nutrition, keep a weightlifting journal, access instructional movement videos, estimate lifting maxes, and so much more! It can be as simple or as in-depth as you would like it to be! 

How do I register on wodify? (New members)

  1. PURCHASE A PASS OR MEMBERSHIP: If you registered for a 1-Week Trial Pass or a membership through THIS online sales portal, you should already have a Wodify account. Look for an email welcoming you to Wodify! 

  2. DOWNLOAD WODIFY APP: Although you can access Wodify online, we strongly encourage our members to download the Wodify athlete app. This will allow simple and portable access to Wodify at any time. Log into your Wodify account in-app by using the same username and password used when purchasing a pass/membership.

How do I register on wodify if i am a current member? 

  1. SIGN WAIVER: make sure you have either signed a hard copy or digital copy of the waiver in the past year. Hard copies can be found in the gym, or can be printed out from the link provided at the bottom of this page. Digital copies can be signed through the iPad at the gym, or through a Wodify link sent via email.

  2. RECEIVE EMAIL: You will receive an email that welcomes you to Peak Fitness Wodify and contains a link to create a password for your new Wodify account. Your username is the email address this email will be sent to. After creating a password, you will officially have a Wodify account.

  3. DOWNLOAD WODIFY APP: Although you are welcome to use a desktop version of Wodify, we firmly encourage you to download the Wodify Athlete app so you can sign into class, record your scores, and track your progress while you are in the gym. Wodify Athlete is available in the App Store and Google Play. 

  4. ENTER PAYMENT INFORMATION: Once you are logged into Wodify, click through the following sequence: [My Profile] --> [Edit Settings] --> [Payment Info] --> [Add Payment Method]. Proceed to enter your billing information. The payment method you enter will automatically be charged for your membership fees, starting the first day of every month (similar to a monthly subscription to a streaming service or music app). 

  5. CHOOSE MEMBERSHIP: If you are needing to purchase a new membership, please click THIS link (peakfitness.wodify.com). Make sure to log into your Wodify account before completing the process. Details about billing cycles will be provided before commitment is made. This membership will be added to your Wodify account, and you will be able to see the details of this membership at any time on your online or in-app account. If you have already purchased a membership, please email info@peakfitnesslogan.com and ask for this membership to be added to your account by administration. 

Questions about wodify?